It's okay.
We have got this.
We will get through it.
We will figure it out.
We will fix it.
We will find a solution.
We will manage.
We will get over it.
We will get it together.
We will arrange it.
We will find out.
We will go on.
We will fight.
We will take it.
We will accept it.
We will be fine.

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Life as a young adult trying to figure things out is basically this.
As a child we all naïvely believed that growing up would be: getting answers to how life works. But it's more complicated than that, it is a constant challenge of problems and situations we have to find solutions for. And it's not given to us, no, we have to look really hard for them. We have to know what/who to leave behind or take with us on that trip. And we have to identify ourselves, even though that one is an endless project. We have to face obstacles everyday, as well the ones we saw coming as those we didn't.

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It's a lot.
And this list is what keeps us going, faith.
We could drive ourselves insanely mad with how much life is, but faith is what keeps us sane and going. Knowing that we can't control everything, do everything all at once, know everything,... but that it will turn out okay anyway, 'cause even if it's not as planned, we will find solutions and we will be alright.

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We will be okay and we are okay.
We are doing great.
We are strong.
We are smart.
We are creative.
We are human.
We are free.
We are alive.
We are good.
We are us.

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Keep faith,
Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,...