I've been wanting to write about my experience with unhealthy relationships and being a victim to assault. In the news lately it seems like a movement has started, one that is trying to stop the cycle of not only sexual assault and rape however in a realistic sense I see the movement as more of a way to educate everyone on what sexual assault, rape, and abusive relationships. Informing the public is the first step to working towards a more equal and safe world for everyone.

Personally I am not ready to share my story of assault and abusive relationships. For me it does not have to do with people knowing I have been a victim, it has to do with the fact everytime I talk about it I relive it all over again. I already struggle with flashbacks and intrusive thoughts due to the traumatic experiences. I do hope however one day I will be able to share more as I feel it could possibly help someone.

What I am willing to talk about should be common knowledge however it is not. While in abusive situations it can be extremely hard to leave the situation or the person who did it to you. It not only has to do with them possibly physically stopping you but also emotionally abusing and manipulating you to the point you may believe you deserve it, that how you are being treated is okay.

Everyone needs to remember:

-there is no excuse for violence, ever!!

- Your worth is not based on others views and judgements, and is especially not based on your sexual experience.

-Learn to trust your gut, if something feels wrong or off, best chance is that there is something wrong happening

-You deserve your privacy regardless of what your significant other says (they DO NOT need to be looking through your phone checking the contacts, new , old, or conversations you believe to have been deleted, this goes for social media like snapchat, facebook and Instagram ect.

-Change can be good. Even when family relationships change, look out for the good.

-Letting go of people you love is sometimes the best thing you can do to show you love yourself

-You always deserve and should be respected in any form of relationship you have with another individual

- Learn to love yourself, and then share that love for yourself with an individual who respects you and treats you with dignity

Thank-you for reading my fellow hearters, and stay strong <3

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