I think it would be could to be the opposite gender for a day. No one has it easy in life, but it's what we make of it with what we half. That's how we survive.

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Name: Anthony Jack Russo

( Fun Fact: My mother actually wanted to name me Anthony when I was born.)

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Age: 18 years old


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Anthony is the shy boy of his friend group. Girls still like to flock to him but he doesn't care to flirt back. He also has his flaws when it comes to being cold and hot-headed.


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Racing on bikes or in cars is Anthony's passion, but he also loves the outdoors like his father.


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Anthony lives with his mom in a small townhouse near his high school. He has his own bathroom and a king size bed.

Instagram Feed:

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Anthony keeps his instagram simple, but loves to post pictures when he races or when he's with his girlfriend Morgen. He is very protective over her. They met at his mom's restaurant she owns. Morgen works there as a hostess.

Girlfriend: Morgen

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Doggo Lucy

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