15 things, each point metaphorically being a candle.

Hello! My name is Kelly and I turned 15 a week ago today on the 15th October. This article is once again more personal like my previous one.

if you enjoy this article then check out my previous one as it's in a similar style. ^

  • In this article, there will be 15 things I want to improve, change or experience when being 15. I guess you could call it a bucket-list.

I was inspired by my friend Caylie (@dystopiaglory) when she wrote an article like this but for her 13th birthday. Be sure to read hers too! (Thanks Caylie for the idea xx)

_______ fifteen candles ________
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ONE // Stop comparing yourself to others.

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'Comparison is the thief of all happiness.'
News flash, you're a different person with a completely different life to the people around you. You only succeed if you work hard for something and when you see someone you envy for their work etc, improve yourself to try and achieve your dreams instead of putting yourself down because you 'aren't as good' as them.

TWO // Appreciate the people around you.

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I have close friends and close family that are there for me no matter what. For that reason, I'm lucky to have support in things in my life whereas some people don't. Its when they're not there or I feel so alone that I realise how important they are in my life.
Appreciate their presence, the fact that they're in your life.

THREE // Don't overthink everything.

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Overthinking for me, leads to my anxiety and then it prevents me from doing things. Like I'll cancel plans last minute or just avoid situations.
Its prevented me from doing so many things because I'll always have second thoughts about something as simple as meeting up with my friends. I just need to go for it ; stop thinking of a million possible situations that could go wrong.

FOUR // Take more photos.

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People who know me personally would be screaming at me because I already take so many photos. My camera roll has over 6,000 photos (counting) not to mention the 7,000 photos on my MacBook too (I know it's ridiculous) and whenever I go, if i see photo opportunity I'll stop everything I'm doing to take photos.
In a way, I feel like I should take more photos of precious but small moments wether its the sun setting creating an array of colours in the sky or a party I'm at where half my friends are having their time of their lives, capture the moment.

FIVE // Don't push people away.

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When I'm at my worst, I tend to push everyone who 'cares' away because somewhere in my complex mind I can't seem to believe a positive word anyone says about me.
Let them help you or just be there for you because isolating yourself in your own thoughts and misery is the worst thing you can do.

SIX // Travel more.

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This ones a bit harder to do without the authorisation of my parents but I want to travel more around the world or in the country. Head out for a walk without my thoughts taking over, get on a plane without my flight anxiety, say yes to random little road trips.

SEVEN // Write more songs.

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Yes, I am a songwriter. I take music GCSE and I've been playing the violin and piano since I was 5. I've only ever written one full song, the others are unfinished because I changed my mind on them. I don't think I'd ever publish them online but maybe sometime in the future.
I love writing songs even if its just two verses before I decide I don't like it anymore, songwriting is a way of me writing my thoughts down but instead of on paper, though music.

EIGHT // Apologise less.

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Obviously apologising for your mistakes is necessary but I tend to say sorry for anything and everything. Maybe its a British thing because of the stereotypes and my friends also say sorry 24/7, even when its not their fault.

NINE // Give more compliments.

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Sometimes just smiling at someone or complimenting them will lift up their mood.
I'm not saying fake compliment people but instead- for example if one of my friends' hair looks really nice today; compliment them. If you like the clothes they're wearing; compliment them. It will make them happy that you noticed and therefore reflect onto you (you'll be happy that you made them a little bit more happier).

TEN // Be more productive.

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I am a procrastinator. I'll be doing one thing that should take me 20 minutes but I get distracted by my phone, people around me etc and it ends up taking me five times longer. Each day the things I'm meant to have completed drag over to tomorrow then the next day then the next.
Basically, I need to be more productive and have better time management skills or I'll end up getting nothing done.

ELEVEN // Do more sport.

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I already play badminton as a hobby and I workout every week ; in summer I do athletics as I'm a short distance runner at school however I don't do any of these sports competitively. I want to play more of those sports outside of school and try out new sports too.

TWELVE // Accept change.

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Sometimes change is for the best. Don't fear it or give up if something gets in the way or challenges your original plan.

THIRTEEN // Work harder.

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For the past few years I've left studying, homework, graded projects etc to the last minute and completely stressed out and sometimes i don't do as well as i could have in exams.
So this year I want to try and study when i have to instead of leaving it to the last minute, complete my work the night or week its assigned, just try and do better than my grades now because although I am a high grade achieving student and my grades aren't bad at all ; I want to do better.

FOURTEEN // Don't underestimate yourself.

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Prove them wrong. You know you're better and stronger than this. Chase your goals and dreams and show the people who said you couldn't wrong.

FIFTEEN // Keep going.

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Even when you feel like nothing will get better, like you have no one left in your life who cares about you and you want to just be gone. Keep going because future you will thank you. You don't know what amazing things will happen in the future if you don't carry on. Breathe.

That's the end of my article 15 Candles. This look longer to write than expected because i had to think things through over and over to decide what to put on this.

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