• Full Name: Ivy Cheakina Miles
  • Nickname(s): Vivy
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: May 8
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Ethnicity: Gabonese, American
  • Hometown: San Francisco


  • Hair
braids, hair, and style image Afro and curly hair image beauty, melanin, and curly hair image and, Best, and black image
She wears braids, but sometimes, she leaves her natural hair free. She sometimes changes her braids colors.
  • Eyes
Image removed Image removed
She has dark Brown eyes.
  • Face & Body
Temporarily removed Afro, woman, and beautiful image Temporarily removed girl image
She is a black girl. She has a little curvy body. She has some freckles on her face.


  • Everyday
fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and 90s image fashion, green, and aesthetic image fashion, yellow, and outfit image
She likes colors so she dresses with a lot of colors. She praticly never wears black.
  • At School
fashion, green, and outfit image aesthetic, beauty, and black beauty image fashion, outfit, and style image shoes, green, and timberland image
As all of The Witches, she has to wear a black turtleneck top & because she is in the Earth section, she wears a green checkered skirt. With, she wears a black jacket & green boots.
  • For Ball
Temporarily removed fashion, heels, and high heels image Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and green image
Green dresses & gold heels.
  • For Events
fashion, style, and outfit image outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, style, and girl image classy, necklace, and off image
She wears "sexy-casual" outfits. In her outfits, there are Always a green clothes.


  • Everyday
eye, eyeliner, and eyes image aesthetic, lips, and gold image
  • At School
cosmetics, eyebrows, and eyeshadow image black, dark, and goth image
  • For Ball
eyes, beauty, and eye image Image by Mary Nacca 🐼
  • For Events
eyes, face, and makeup image nails, lips, and makeup image


quotes, pretty, and yellow image quotes and work image feminist, feminism, and quotes image aesthetic, 90s, and aesthetics image
She is a kind & smart girl. She is very feminist & mature.


  • Music
black, depression, and music image music, piano, and tumblr image
She likes playing piano.
  • Sport(s)
Basketball image black people, gang, and salem image
She plays basketball.
  • Other
library, book, and books image book and read image
She loves reading.


plants, green, and nature image art, mermaid, and sea image 4, Best, and besties image Temporarily removed
She loves the Earth, The Mermaids, being with her best friends & her little sister.


arwen, lord of the rings, and liv tyler image fairy, forest, and horns image rose, black, and fire image sky, pink, and purple image
She hates The Elves & The Fairies, Fire & night.

Favorite Color(s)

aesthetic, clothes, and theme image
Red, yellow & blue.

Significant Other

boy, photography, and black image
Elijah Thornton, one of The Vampires representative.

Old Halloween Costumes

girl, cindy kimberly, and wolfiecindy image Mature image


adventure, harry potter, and hogwarts image Temporarily removed copybook and back to school image mirror, crystal, and dark image
She is a student in San Francisco but also a student in the Wizard's School. By the way she is the Earth representative in the Witches Section.


aesthetic, kpop, and story image earth image Temporarily removed hand, fly, and plane image
Her main power is the Earth's one. She also got the same powers as all of the other Witches.


colorful, nature, and SC image
Nairobi, her lizard.

Thanks for reading <3