Opposites Attract Too ;)

Aries & Libra:

couple, love, and girl image fashion, girl, and white image Image by aa couple, tumblr, and aesthetic image
Passionate Pair

Taurus & Scorpio:

aesthetic, all star, and alternative image girl, rose, and red image blue, jellyfish, and aquarium image Temporarily removed
Magiacal Match

Gemini & Sagittarius:

aesthetic, beautiful, and couple image girl, nature, and sky image nct, jaehyun, and nct 127 image hands, water, and aesthetic image
Cosmic Couple

Cancer & Capricorn:

couple, love, and sunset image pink, rose, and boy image girl, hair, and pink image couples, I Love You, and kiss image
Divine Duo

Leo & Aquarius:

Image removed girl, purple, and aesthetic image purple, aesthetic, and boy image aesthetic, gif, and I Love You image
Timeless Twosome

Virgo & Pisces:

Abusive image aesthetic, alternative, and black and white image Temporarily removed love, couple, and black and white image
Iconic Item