hi wonderful human being ♡ how are you today? i hope you're doing well, wherever you are.

in this article i will share a few songs i've been loving in october, since the month is almost over. i will also share lyrics from the songs and some photos that show off the aesthetic vibe i get from them. enjoy! ♡

alunageorge & baauer - champagne eyes

"when push comes to show i'm rising above 'cause
i'm flawless, flawless, tonight i'm flawless
when i hit the party
i'm already searching, looking for the exit
all i see is champagne eyes watching me, oh-oh-oh"

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halsey - without me

"i said i'd catch you if you fall
and if they laugh, then f*ck 'em all
and then i got you off your knees
put you right back on your feet
just so you can take advantage of me"

aesthetic, alternative, and bed image Indie Pop, halsey, and spotify image indie, halsey, and halsey without me image pink, heart, and neon image

broods - peach

"i'm high and i'm low, no control
but everything's looking peach now
i'm high and i'm low, no control
but everything's looking peach now"

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mø - way down

"ooh, la la, ooh
i just wanna get messed up with my baby
ooh, la la, ooh
catch me on the bottom, oh
'cause i'm on my way down"

Image by tumblrriinspo_ drink, friends, and champagne image clothes, fashion, and heels image concert, pink, and the 1975 image

ariana grande - moonlight

"'cause i never knew, i never knew
you could hold moonlight in your hands
'til the night i held you
you are my moonlight"

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