This is the start of a new collection, my montly list of favorites, songs, makeup and skincare, series and films, and even how my style change! Hope you'll like it.
Probably, the structure may change but not the concept.

Series 🍿

lee min ho image
The Legend of the Blue Sea (not finished). Who does not love mermaids?
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My ID is Gangnam Beauty (with Eva). We love Eunwoo in this drama <3
Temporarily removed
The Guest (with Eva). If you're looking for kdrama with a terror atmosphere, here you have!

Fav Artist 🎨

Temporarily removed japanese, new school, and snake image Temporarily removed anime, new school, and tattoo image
Brando Chiesa (Tatto artist). He's not a new discover for me. However, he's the artist I got inspired the most! (go check his instagram profile for more!!)


Music 🎵

● Palette – IU
● Twenty-Three – IU
● Through The Night – IU
● Baby – Astro
● Crazy, Sexy, Cool – Astro
● Wow Thing – STATION X 0
● Teach You – Tiffany Young
● Siren – Sunmy
● Seesaw – BTS
● Just Dance – BTS
● Kiss and Make up –Dua Lipa ft Blackpink
● Heroine – Sunmy
● Wonderful Life – BMTH ft Dani Filth
● Crush – Weki Meki
● Otra Vez – Super Junior ft Reik
● Dlwlrma – Iu
● I’m Fine – BTS
● Love maze – BTS

Spotify playlist

Skin Care 💄

My skin broke out really bad this moth but I could treat it right with this products!

● Lotion of aloe vera, thyme and tea tree – Natural Cosmetic
● Green Clay Soap – Natural Cosmetic
● Ph 5.5 moisturizing
● Kiko CC Blur Skin Trainer

Style 👗

Image removed Image removed
Denim and corduroy skirts.
fashion, outfit, and love image
Neck shirts with solaps
fashion, outfit, and autumn image
Long Coats
rings, aesthetic, and bracelet image
fashion, black, and style image black, jeans, and grunge image
Black Jeans and Black Clothes
aesthetic, girl, and korean image
Red lipstick and Simple eye makeup
Image by Lola Image removed
Glossy lips

That's all for this article and this month!

love, xx Hxneul.