Hey guys! So today I thought I would share my morning routine with you. It's super simple, and it only takes me about thirty minutes if I'm in a hurry. If i really take my time, it usually takes about an hour.

↠ Waking up

I always wake up at 5:45am, since I usually take the train to school at 7:10am. When my alarm goes of, I usually snooze for no more than five minutes, since I usually have to pee really bad right when I wake up. I take my birth control, put on my slippers and a robe and head into the bathroom.

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↠ Skincare

Before I wash my face and all that jazz, I pee real quick and wash my hands. Then I move on to my skincare. My skincare in the morning is so, so, SO simple. I just splash my face with cold water, spray it with some toner and apply a little bit of moisturizer.

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↠ Breakfast

After washing my face, I head straight down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I always drink a glass of water, and then I take my vitamins. I drink a glass of vitamin C, take a vitamin D pill and eat about a tablespoon of omega three oil. Then I move on to the real deal. Most of the times I eat oatmeal with frozen berries and soy milk, or I’ll toast some gluten free bread and top it with a slice of ham or two. To that, I always drink a cup of tea. If I’m in the mood, (which I’m usually not) I will have a cup of coffee instead.

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↠ Getting dressed

When I’ve finished my breakfast I almost always have some tea left, so I bring that upstairs and drink that while I pick out my outfit. If I know that I will have a busy morning the next day, then I’ll prepare my outfit the day before, but usually I don’t do that. Then I get dressed, and head back into the bathroom.

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↠ Brushing my teeth

In the morning I always brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush, since I feel like that cleans my teeth a lot better than a regular toothbrush, and I wont have to worry about stinky breath during the day.

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↠ Packing my bag

I always try to do this the night before so that I don’t forget anything in the morning when or if I’m stressed. If I haven’t done it the morning before, then I just check my schedule to see what classes I have that day and pack according to that. Except for notebooks and such, I also always pack my makeup bag, so that I can do my makeup on my way to school since my school is forty minutes with train and fifteen minutes with bus away from my house.

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Aaand that's it for my morning routine! If you have any tips for articles you would like to read or just want to talk to someone, feel free to message me! Hugs, Agnes