Hey you guys, I'm back with the this or that challenge. I love this challenge so let's start...

1. Europe or America ?

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Europe, I live in Germany and I just think Europe is just beautiful. So many cultures in one place... But I'd love to visit America one day too.

2. Coffee or hot chocolate ?

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Actually water, since I only drink water. But I love hot chocolate in fall and winter.

3. Cats or dogs ?

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definitely dogs , I'm such a dog person...

4. Books or movies ?

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well Movies or Tv shows, Netflix is great.

5. Night or day ?

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both,I love the day but I'm a night owl usually, that means I get things done at night.

I'm more concentrated and focused at night. But I enjoy sunlight so much. I love the daylight in my room. It makes me feel happy and really heathy for some reason...
I could never choose !

6. chocolate or vanilla ?

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chocolate is my life...

7. Jeans or skirt ?

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I wear jeans on a dailey base, so I have to say jeans but I 'd love to wear skirts more often.

8. Heels or sneakers ?

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I don't wear heels a lot but I would love to. But since I can't go to school with heels, I have to say sneakers.

9. Summer or winter ?

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Summer, because Summer makes me feel heathy and happy. Getting a tan, swimming in the ocean and not freezing the whole time, is the best. Summer break is awesome too.

10. Ice cream or sweets ?

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tbh I have no idea. I guess sweets, but it depends on my mood and the season.

11. Pretty little liars or Gossip girl ?

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Pretty little liars, I have never watched gossip girl before.

12. Banana or coconut ?

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I love coconut, even though a lot of people dislike them.

13. Pizza or Burgers ?

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I love my Pizza with mushrooms.

14. Dancing or singing ?

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I love both, but I'm better at dancing.

15. Roses or daisies ?

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Roses are just beautiful...
Alright guys that was it. Hope you liked it. And don't forget to check out my other articles down below...
Love you...