here’s a list of things I compiled to remind you that there’s always exciting, upcoming things in life we can look forward to ...

✧ concerts from your favorite artists

✦ strangers you’ve yet to meet but will eventually become friends with

✧ upcoming songs you’ll fall in love with

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✦ more perspective in life

✧ plans to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while

✦ new unforgettable memories that you might create at any point in time

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✧ movies and shows you’ll soon be obsessed with

✦ countries you've yet to visit

✧ your future dream house

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✦ the heartwarming hugs you’ll receive

✧ moments when you rediscover the songs you used to love

✦ the feeling of pure satisfaction when you achieved a goal

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✧ the food you’ve yet to try (enough said, really)

✦ moments when you’ll get to relax and do absolutely nothing

✧ dogs you'll eventually meet

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✦ an unexpected opportunity to talk to someone you thought was going to remain a stranger

✧ spontaneous adventures and road trips with friends

✦ pleasant surprises that’ll bring you to happy tears

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✧ spending time alone

✦ jokes that’ll crack you up

✧ the feeling of lying on a couch or bed after a long, exhausting day

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✦ sunrises and sunsets

✧ the possibility of discovering a new hobby

✦ meaningful conversations you’ll eventually share with others

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