Being lost
what does it mean?
i never understood it until i experienced it on my own.

It's like you're slowly losing your interest in the things around you... you're hobby's, going out, the emotions that you feel, being with friends and school.

Just slowly without realising that you are losing yourself until it's too late...

you struggle everyday
It's not going well
mentally you're a mess
you don't know anymore what you want
and what you like.

You feel like an walking zombie
with no emotions no feelings
you just can't get them back and that is such an horrible thing

Not knowing when you are sad, angry or happy
it's just gone and you don't know how to get it back.

How to get YOU back.

Friends that are gone who are only there in good times so you just be at home
in your mind thinking and overthinking till you go crazy.

Feeling empty without knowing why...

Being lost is hard but one day

one day
i will find myself back.

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