Cheesy line couples say to each other like "I can't live without you",
"you're my everything" and etc and on the other hand there are people including you yourself who makes fun and it and laugh and say that you lived your life for 20 years without this person and now why can't you live ahead or there is nothing permanent, nobody is going to be with you forever, no matter how hard or how many time to make the same thing. And I completely agree with the people and their statements. we all, everyone has said those lines and made those promises, maybe not now but later they will because those line are manipulating that it can win anybody's heart.
You know somewhere the person saying this lines, somewhere in his brain for like 0.1% he knows that I'm making a false promise. This is really not going to happen. So, instead make positive promises. For example,
1. Promise to genuinely try to understand your point of view before when you disagree before contracting with my own.
2. Promises to keep your happier everyday.
3. Promises to be give all your attention.
4. Promise to be hones about what's not working out in the relationship
5. Promise to make efforts with your friends and family, no matter hoe different you are.
6. Promise to not hold on bitterness.
7. Promise to be big enough to agree that yes, I'm wrong.
8. promise not to judge your choices.
9. Promise to respect your decisions.
and many more, add a little spice of your own words and voila.
Just be yourself because your partner loves you for who you are at present and not who you will be in future. Before expressing your love towards them did you put a schedule in front of them that yes, this ia our plan of living forever and being each others everything, let's work on it. You didn't right?