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It’s one of those sleepless nights where I would rather watch the night skies than go to rest. What’s not to love? The sky has such beautiful freckles of light scattered all over the space like glitters, twinkling. It never ceases to fascinate me that’s why I adore the very early hours of the morning. It’s so peaceful like time itself stopped for a moment, it’s like, I’m the only person that exists… the only person who gets to see the lid lifted off our world exposing a whole new world beyond it.

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Once the sun rises, it’ll be hidden away, masked over by the daylight, covered within the blue skies, clouds and endless noise but whenever the night comes, it’s so raw and open, so quiet and focused. I don’t know why but I find the starry nights so comforting and safe and I know I shouldn’t, because, it’s undiscovered, unknown and mysterious yet, I can’t help but be deeply fascinated by what’s in the dark more than anything this world has to offer and that’s exactly the same enthusiasm I share with space.

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Am I scared? No, I’m curious. People would say “curiosity killed the cat”, so be it then. In fact, I’d fling myself into our universe at any given opportunity. What’s the worst that could happen besides dying from the lack of oxygen? I’ll only be closer to myself because, I, myself is an entire universe. You’re an entire universe too and you don’t even know or realize it. You are the sun and the stars, the energy. You are made up of millions of supernovas, billions of solar systems, trillions of galaxies that are light years apart from each other but are still connected and zillions of planets. You’re an immeasurable matter and doesn’t that sound so empowering? Speaking of matter, why does it matter to matter to anyone if me, myself, is made up of matter? What does it mean to matter to someone?

To matter… does that mean the opposing person sees you as the universe you truly are? Or, does mattering to someone mean that you’ve become one of the planets within their own universe?

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I guess people are just as mysterious as that, mysterious beyond their own existence. Is that why I get so easily interested and intrigued by people too? How can someone not? Each of us possesses a rarity of our own and each, I’d want to discover. I don’t even think the few people that mean a lot to me even know they matter to me at all; I wish I could tell them but I’m not really good with my words. But still, I am capable of matter; I am capable of feeling; of giving importance to those who matter to me the most. I know how to express my emotions but not in a way some people would expect, want, or long for, although many may not think so.

Anyways, good night.

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