being different, i find it so much more cool. don't you ?
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by different, i mean : being fully you.
being proud of liking weird things, unpopular things, things people make fun of.

i used to try to copy the others.
because we all know it, it's easier to be accepted when you fit the norms.
it's easier when you wear a jean & a black shirt, no one will make fun of that.

but it's also sad & boring.
who are you trying to impress by being a clone ? where will you fit in ?
if it is with the ones who make fun of anyone daring to be different, do you really want to be with these people ?

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being proud of what you like, that is way cooler.

  • first, you'll attract people with the same interests as you. so, you'll have people you can be yourself with & that is happier.
  • also, you'll feel empowered. when you do things that makes you proud of yourself, it's 100x times better than when you're trying to be someone you're not.
  • you're out of the box. honestly, people you are different from the majority attracts me 10x more and you notice & remember better the people who dares to not be the norm.
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of course, if you like to wear jeans & tshirts, that's 100% fine. i'm not shaming you if you have the same tastes as the majority (that's the concept of the majority lmao that's just something many people likes), but you shouldn't try to like it just because others do.
and if people don't, that doesn't mean you shouldn't.
you must not care about others opinions on your tastes.

in french we have an idiom :
les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas.
tastes & colors are not arguable.

i'll take a little abt my experience.

i'm a huge fan of kpop. in france, fans of kpop are seen as mindless fangirls, with basically no taste in music.
well, i can't change people's mind. but i do know who i am. i know why i like kpop & i don't need anyone to approve my tastes.
as long as i'm happy with myself, it's fine.

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that is what i wanted to say when i started this article :
do what makes you happy, people will always have an opinion but it's irrelevant.
instead of trying to fit in, try to stand out and love yourself more.
i think that's a key to happiness.

Vangogh said :
Normality is a paved road : it's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it.

some song rec. abt difference :
-21st Century girl . bts
-secrets . mary lambert
-most girls . hailee steinfeld

hope you liked this messy article!
take care, love you <3

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