Later I realized how you really are,

Too many tears I shed,

I thought it was my fault,

But I was too blind to see…

The real you.

It was harder to accept how you really are.

You were a disagreement in my life.

Seems so simple,

And too nice to be real,

To be the right one for me.

But maybe I wasn’t the one for you.

Is too late for explanation…

I don’t want to lose myself in hopes of despair,

We only have the bitter taste of shattered dreams.

I look at the sunset and I still think of you…

Yes, I get over.

Even if I didn’t understand you

I still have in my soul,

The love since I met you…

Anyway it is in vain…

Better that you left,

Cause I wouldn’t be able

To make you be

The one I loved.