From the Latin Nicolaus, a derivative of the Greek Nikolaos (victory of the people), a compound name composed of the elements nikē (victory) and laos (the people).

24. Sagittarius.

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Tall, around 6'4". Muscular and very fit; amazing abs. Defined jaw structure. Although he doesn't often smile, he has beautiful blinding white teeth. The lightest blue eyes almost hypnotic. Good hands. Full, kissable lips. Seductive, trouble kind of gaze. Always wears one or two gold necklaces, with faith pendents. Dark blonde, perfectly styled hair.

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To the outsider looking in, he's a "bad boy." Doesn't let people see the true him so this image projects strongly. Tough as hell, more mentally and physically. Determined, ambitious, focused. Practical yet positive thinker. High pain tolerance. Very grateful for what he has. Strong in his beliefs, bold. Speaks his mind, but chooses his battles . sometimes he doesn't find the fight worth the energy. Observant and artistic, pays special attention to details. Not one to hold a grudge but is definitely not one to forget. Believes that you get what you give, earn what you deserve. Although you wouldn't guess it, he's very classically romantic; can always make a girl feel like she's on top of the world. Charming, persuasive; can have all the girls wrapped around his finger. Mind of a King (leader), spirit of a knight (fighter). Doesn't give up, not ever. Doesn't hang out with the best crowd and likes living on the edge. Very inspirational; gifted with words and motivating people. A real mystery, as deep as the ocean and thats because he doesn't let people get close to him; his walls are built high around his heart. Has a taste for the fine things in life but stays grounded and knows whats really important - love and success. Doesn't put up with "people's shit" and sees no sense in debating over something since he's unwavering in his opinion yet somehow he remains open-minded in other areas. Feminist. Believes "love is love" and everyone who doesn't agree can f*ck off. At the core of his heart he is truly very sweet, thoughtful, and sensitive. Has a generous heart, with a soft spot for the elderly. Active mind. Interested in cognition and memory. Independent, has no problem being on his own but that doesn't mean that he necessarily wants to be. Feels strongly and loves fiercely, doesn't back down.

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As previously said, total "bad boy" vibes. Also very athletic. Calvin Klein. Shades. Big rings. Gold chains and watches. Wears mostly white, black, and grey. Leather jackets. Presents himself in a sleek, sexy manner. Looks breathtaking in light blue. Designer shoes, always.

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Art and design. Animation. Music, specifically hiphop and rap. Global news. Nature walks. Girls. Reading - literature, poetry, nonfiction. Sports, very competitive. Travelling, loves the thrill and busyness of big cities. Working out. Wolves. Medical mysteries. Writing.

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100% German and proud.

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Berlin, Germiny

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Lives in a very modern, newly built low-rise apartment. Black and white. Pieces of artwork add some colour and personality. Very clean, minimalistic. Large windows. In the heart of the city. No pets.

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Surgeon. He's out there saving lives, thats for sure.

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He falls in love with a girl who's an angel in his eyes. She's super sweet and understands his level of ambition and determination as she has the same traits. She is the only one who can have him smiling and laughing on a daily basis, and he loves that she effortlessly brings out the side of him that he doesn't let others see. She's clingy, always attached to him, always giving him kisses, another thing that he loves about her. He's very, very protective of her - won't think twice to start up a fight for her. Best shopping partner and travel companion. She loves the unexplored and nightlife as much as he does. She satisfies his romantic and nurturing side and can talk him into doing just about anything. She's incredibly supportive of him and its so evident how much she adores him (all you need to do is catch her looking at him to believe this), and he in return is very patient with her and has a way of soothing her soul. He loves spending time with her, wants to be with her every minute. They have fun doing the most basic, normal every-day life things together and he loves when she's giggly. Also loves the different sides of her, likes knowing that a few are meant just for him. Loves how she blows up his phone with a million messages and never ceases to smile at every video she sends him, he especially adores the music ones. He doesn't always understand or respond well to her "drama" but never, ever wants to hurt her. She crashed down the walls around his heart and has made him believe in love and that he's deserving of good things. She makes him better. They've been through hell and back together and have done so holding hands. He adores every little thing about her and is enchanted by her voice and smile. They talk about everything and anything. She makes him feel wanted.

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Werewolf. Alpha. Hates vampires. Pretty badass...until he meets a sweet, mysterious human girl who he falls irrevocably in love with. Then everything changes.

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