Name: Sofia Middle-Moose

Blood status:

daniel radcliffe, emma watson, and harry potter image harry potter, halfblood, and pureblood image


girl, beauty, and blonde image girl, fashion, and pink image Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and girl image


harry potter, hufflepuff, and knighting image harry potter image autumn, fall, and book image autumn, fall, and house image


cat, animal, and cute image cat, salem, and funny image cat, animal, and tumblr image cat, grunge, and black image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


Image removed harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image

Favorite classes:

Temporarily removed hand, hands, and lines image

Favorite spells:

charm, expecto patronum, and harry potter image Temporarily removed

Favorite places:

fall image autumn, fall, and nature image abandoned, house, and old image Temporarily removed


cat, quotes, and cry image Image removed quotes, heart, and brave image quotes, happiness, and overthinking image