it's not your job to
like me. It's mine

I just want to say thank you for 2k and yes it sounds cliche, but it's really appreciated. I love WHI since 2016. I don't know what else to say but thank you all

1.) Coffee or Tea?

coffee, delicious, and drink image Temporarily removed aesthetic, caffeine, and cali image coffee, autumn, and fall image
☕️ : I like both but I'm more of a coffee lover

2.) Books or Movie?

cocoon, girl, and movie image breakfast, france, and girls image autumn, coffee, and Halloween image free time, movie, and popcorn image

3.) Pancake or Waffles?

food, breakfast, and waffles image food, gucci, and waffles image

4.) Train or Planes?

blue, train, and aesthetic image Image by ✿ alone, forest, and grass image Temporarily removed
🚊 : I don't like planes and I get sick easily. And I like the atmosphere on trains

5.) Sneakers or High Heels?

Image removed shoes, heels, and fashion image Temporarily removed shoes, fashion, and black image
👠 : I don't wear sneakers a lot and I always wedge or boots

6.) Summer or Winter?

Image by Kendall Daniels Image by Melissa winter, ice, and girl image cold, fashion, and girl image
❄️ : I love getting warm within the cold not the other way around. I like wearing sweaters and having hot chocolate

7.) Cats or Dogs?

Temporarily removed Image removed dog, animal, and cute image animal, animals, and canon image
🐶🐱 : I like both. I'm a dog and cat lover

8.) Love or Money?

nails, money, and pink image money, simpsons, and lisa image travel, quotes, and traveling image paris, audrey hepburn, and quotes image
💵 : I rather have money bc I would be happy than love. Love is unpredictable and I don't think I'll be truly happy. If I had money, I'll be where I love

9.) Bath or Shower?

beach, goals, and shower image girl, summer, and black and white image
💦 : I don't bath very often, so shower

10.) Rosies or Daisies?

beautiful, valentine, and love image flowers, rose, and red image Image by i m p e r f e c t i o n dz, flowers, and garden image
🌹 : I love their thorny figure and the true beauty of them