• Full Name: Luna Lisa Vermillon
  • Nickname(s): Lunny
  • Age: 110 ( but look like a 17 girl)
  • Date of Birth: November 1
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Ethnicity: Roumanian, American
  • Hometown: Miami


  • Hair
hair, red, and ginger image photography, william eggleston, and vintage image hair, red, and ginger image Temporarily removed
She got long wavy Ginger hair.
  • Eyes
eyes, gray, and gris image eyes, eye, and blue image
She has light gray eyes.
  • Face & Body
fashion, girl, and outfit image body, fitness, and goals image aesthetic, freckles, and lips image aesthetic, fashion, and grunge image
She is one of the most beautiful girl you ever seen, she has got a tall, slim & pale body. Her lips are naturaly red.


Image by Jarbas Jacare fashion, style, and tumblr image classy, fashion, and girl image Image removed
She wears classy outfits. She loves heels, shirts & faux fur coat.


makeup, eyes, and beauty image lips, red, and glitter image
She Always wears red lipstick & on her eyes nude colors.


life, cold, and happy image energy, mature, and realizing image always, bad, and broken heart image Temporarily removed
context_query=psychopath+i+prefer&context_type=search She is a cold & mature girl. She's also a little bit scary but she's not so bad.


Temporarily removed alcohol, bad, and girl image autumn, fall, and tumblr image book, library, and autumn image
Dancing, partying, shopping & reading.


bed, christmas, and cozy image christmas, music, and winter image dress, ballet, and dance image night, grunge, and city image
She likes calm, music, ballet & night.


Temporarily removed Image by Cat(ch). bird, ocean, and sky image winter, city, and snow image
She hates irrespectful peoples, kids, birds & snow.

Favorite Color(s)

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Red & Brown.


One day, she was kidnapped by mans who worked for a pedophilia network. They rapped her. One day, a man came & killed them. Luna thought he was a good man but not. He bit her. Since this day, she is immortal.


Temporarily removed
Her brother were bit too, their names are Jonas & Nick.

Significant Other

Temporarily removed
Lily Devis.

Old Halloween Costumes

costume, Halloween, and fatherkels image makeup, beauty, and hair image


ae, alternative, and art image back, hero, and heros image
She is a student in High school & sometimes, she is a "heros".

Tahnks for reading <3