🕯️ Hello lovely hearters 🕯️

We officially have 3 days until Halloween and many of us don't have a clue what to wear for that night! Bellow you'll find some simple/easy/cheap costume ideas that I believe are really cool and there is no right way to do them. Just use whatever you have!

Hope you guys get inspired!
  • Assassin
Halloween and outfit image
You can look so good without even showing any skin. Ideal if u live somewhere cold
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cindy kimberly, Halloween, and model image
Cindy looking so amazing here!
  • Dead wife
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Cute idea if you're going out with boyfriend
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Looks so good with lingerie! Can also match with some cool contact lenses
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  • Purge squad / couple
" Are you gonna make it through the night? "
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Simple outfit, perfect for last minute costume
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Can wear with the girl squad or with boyfriend
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Josephine Skriver
  • Egyptian
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This is so beautiful!
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blue, costume, and desert image
  • Corrupt cop
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Mature image sofia jamora image
Sofia Jamora!
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Cute top that works well with costume
  • Indian
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if you're good at make up do something like this!
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You can also check out Coachella outfits
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  • Ancient Greek
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Love this ❤️
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Accessories ideas
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  • Lara croft
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Super simple costume
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  • Soldier
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Can wear short stuff or long depending if its cold or not. Find some camo pants and a small top, some scars and that will do!
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Clothes that match:
  • Viking
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This is a good costume if u live somewhere that is not particularly warm atm
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amazing braids! You can check out the series VIKINGS for more inspiration on this!
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Different symbols you could draw on your face etc
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girl and makeup image
makeup idea!

And that was it! Thanks for reading. I hope you got some inspiration girls ^_^

Enjoy your Halloween!
until next time
Elektra x
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