Hi ! I do this tag becouse I've had really depressed day so... I want to Begin think about something jolly :) It's my ABC Tag about my favourite male celebs and I hope You will enjoy it ;)

adam sandler, fun, and movie image funny, high school, and lol image
A - Adam Sandler
bradley cooper, Hot, and sexy image bradley cooper, sexy, and Hot image
B - Bradley Cooper
Image by Ксения Иванова channing tatum image
C - Channing Tatum
Dwayne Johnson, the rock, and jasmine lia johnson image Image by Ксения Иванова
D - Dwayne Johnson
ed sheeran, guitar, and music image ed sheeran, tattoo, and ed image ed westwick, gossip girl, and chuck bass image chuck bass, gossip girl, and ed westwick image
E - Ed Sheeran / Ed Westwick
Image by wafaa khamis Image removed Image removed Image removed
F - Morgan Freeman G - Grigor Dimitrov
Temporarily removed hugh laurie image
H - Hugh Laurie
ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries, and tvd image ian somerhalder, tvd, and actor image
I - Ian Somerhalder
Image removed johnny depp, music, and rock image Image by cecilia ❤ Image by cecilia ❤
J - Johnny Depp/ Josh Hutcherson
kendrick and lamar image kendrick and lamar image
K - Kendrick Lamar
Image by Baby Troye Image by Baby Troye
L - Logan Lerman
real madrid and marcelo image real madrid, cristiano ronaldo, and james rodriguez image
M - Marcelo
Image by Abril💕 celebrities, handsome, and sexy image
N - Niall Horan
Legolas, lord of the rings, and orlando bloom image orlando bloom image
O - Orlando Bloom
paul walker, car, and rip image paul walker and fast and furious image
P - Paul Walker
Temporarily removed nike, tennis, and federer image
R - Roger Federer
king, shawn, and white image boy, crush, and cute boy image
S - Shawn Mendes
pretty little liars, tyler blackburn, and caleb rivers image pretty little liars, tyler blackburn, and caleb rivers image
T - Tyler Blackburn
cantante, famous, and idol image Mature image
W - Wiz Khalifa
Vin Diesel and deepika padukone image actor, baby, and Vin Diesel image
V - Vin Diesel
zac efron, boy, and Hot image Image removed
Z - Zac Efron