1) Zeus

storm, thalia grace, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

2) Hera

Image by tenderlygirl theme and orange image

3) Poseidon

Temporarily removed Image removed

4) Deméter

Temporarily removed flowers, green, and nature image

5) Ares

couple, aesthetic, and hands image Temporarily removed

6) Atenea/Athena

book, library, and reading image harry potter image

7) Apolo/Apollo

aesthetic, sun, and earrings image guitar, flowers, and music image

8) Artemisa/Artemis

Image by Carol NB Mature image

9) Hefesto/Hephaestus

boy, blue, and sky image aesthetic and leo valdez image

10) Afrodita/Aphrodite

girl, pink, and fashion image Temporarily removed

11) Hermes

girl, smile, and grunge image adidas, shoes, and white image

12) Dionisio/Dionysus

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

13) Hades

red, aesthetic, and theme image Temporarily removed

14) Iris

Temporarily removed rainbow image

15) Hypnos

Temporarily removed sleep, grunge, and black image

16) Némesis

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It

17) Nike

green, theme, and soft image aesthetic image

18) Hebe

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

19) Tique/Tyche

fashion, girl, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed

20) Hécate

Temporarily removed crystal and aesthetic image

21) Hestia

couple, love, and kiss image candle, fire, and aesthetic image

22) Tanatos/Thanatos

girl, Afro, and beautiful image Temporarily removed

23) Quione/Khione

alternative, blue, and naked image eye, blue, and eyes image

24) Eos

beautiful, girl, and hair image nature, ocean, and sea image

25) Eros

pale, love, and indie image cherry, red, and fruit image

26) Perséfone/Persephone

flowers, red, and aesthetic image book, food, and fruit image

27) Nyx

stars, girl, and sky image planet, moon, and space image

28) Musas/Muses

goddess, mythology, and goddesses image aesthetic, quotes, and sky image

29) Asclepio

boy, guy, and handsome image aesthetic and apollo image

30) Cronos/Kronos

time, quotes, and boy image clock, aesthetic, and gold image