Hey guys, so halloween is very soon and i'm so excited for see all those movies and series of halloween. Here are the movies and series for which I am more excited, probably most have already seen, but if not, I recommend at one hundred percent.

I hope you spend a nice Halloween and have fun.

1 | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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ok, I have to admit that I'm about to finish the serie, I'm going in chapter 10 (which is the last), but I don't want to see it. Love this serie, I feel that it is very well made, love the characters, I want a cat named Salem and I would like to be a witch. If you have not seen it yet, see it!

2 | Hocus Pocus

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When i was little i used to get very excited at Halloween because I knew that in Disney they were going to give this movie, now, seeing what Disney has become, I'm not sure they give it but at least it's on Netflix. Who doesn't love the version of "I put a spell on you" , is one of the best parts of the movie and I must admit that I had a crush towards Max. This movie is a classic for Halloween.

3 | Caroline

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when I was little I saw this movie and it scared me a lot, the animations are scary, the part where Caroline goes to the other world is very scary. I think the movie is very scary if it is seen by a young child.

4 | Halloween

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Personally I think that the old horror movies are the best, they are the ones that give more fear and more if they are about murderers. I saw this movie with my dad and I think it's too good, I hope to see her this halloween.

5 | Scream

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I love this movie so much, I've seen it so many times and I can not wait to see it again, if you have not seen it, watch it please, you will not regret it.

6 | The Nightmare Before Christmas

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I'm not a fan of this movie (because when I was little, Jack scared me), but it's definitely iconic and I think it will be one of the movies I'll see for Halloween.

7 | Casper

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When I was little I loved this movie, I was literally obsessed and I loved the part where Casper became a boy, I can not wait to see this movie.


Making this article I realized that there are many Halloween movies that I like so I'll make another article.

but first...

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