Writing has always been a passion of mine. (English isn`t my first language, so please excuse me for mistakes.) Ever since I was little, I`ve been keeping a diary. Never told anyone about it. I didn`t want people to know what was going on in my head, because then, I would feel vulnerable. And here I am, sharing my thoughts with the world. Even though, I don`t think anyone is going to read this. But we can give it a try.
So school started recently. Well, in September for me. I have to admit that I still haven`t adapted a routine. I don`t know how to explain it, but I am still not in the "school headspace". Like I want to do anything but school. Don`t get me wrong, I usually don`t hate school and I don`t mind studying and I get quite good grades, but for some reason, this year has just been hard for me. I`ve been feeling off for the past 5, maybe 6 months. I don`t know why, but hopefully, writing will help me.

I`ve been sick for the past 3 weeks, so I didn`t really do anything, so I had a loooot of time to think about stuff. Just random things. I`ve especially thought about why is there so much negativity among us these days. Scrolling through social media, all you see is memes about sadness and suicide and being miserable. Why is so? Most people that say that they relate to them are people with good lives and friends and family. We forgot how to be grateful. We forgot to help to those who actually have problems. We all have problems, we just have to learn how to overcome them. And maybe look away from our phones and look around. I fell like the most of the negativity is because of our phones and social media. And I know, this topic is being talked over and over again and it doesn`t seem to help. But I will tell you- I took a social media break for a few days, and it was amazing. I felt like there was so much less negativity in my life than usual. So maybe give it a try sometime.
This is all I had to say today. I know it is long and and to be honest, I don`t think anyone had read it to the end. But it felt good to write.
Have a nice week!