1. They are not problematic
The girls support and love each other. There hasn't been any drama surrounding them. When Perrie broke up with that text-sending jerk the other girls had her back.

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2. Their songs are meaningful
Little Me, Secret Love Song, Turn Your Face, Change Your Life, Towers, Good Enough will always have a special place in my heart.

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Woman Like Me, Competition, Power, Salute are women empowerment anthems. I remember having Salute as a ringtone in sixth grade. My mother made me change it because every time my phone rang, she got startled Lol...

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Going Nowhere, How Ya Doin'?, Boy, Case Closed, Hair, Shout Out To My Ex, No More Sad Songs, F.U. are the perfect songs to listen to after a breakup.

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3. Their videos are ICONIC
DNA is hands down one of the most memorable videos in the Pop industry. I'm still waiting for that to be continued...

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The videos to Only You, Black Magic, Woman Like Me, Love Me Like You are interesting and entertaining as hell.

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4. They are talented
They have strong voices, they can dance and while performing they look flawless. They also write their own songs. What more do you want?

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5. They have collaborated with queens like Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj

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YouTube sure can't

6. The fandom is powerful
Little Mix love their fans and in returns these queens have one of the most supporting fandoms.

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Woman Like Me is trending #9 in Bulgaria!!!

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Stream the song as much as possible: