Name: Iris Hazel
Age: 16
Born in :

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Iris Hazel,
the girl who never had any parents and raised in a care home, she was never adopted and so now has to do as much as she can to get the right job for her.
Iris had a better life then some she heard of, she was never homeless and never made to do anything she does not want to do, but still its not the way she wish it to be, she wishes she did not have to bye clothes from charity shops.
Now waiting to be able to get her own home, to finally have a home and get into the business she always wanted RSPCA, to rescue animals and so the first animal she saves can be her first family member, her cat, called, Choc
Her future:
She now does work for RSPCA and has a good payment so she can get branded clothes now not clothes out of charity shops and the money can help her keep up what she always been, a vegan.
She learned she not been waiting for people to adopt her, to love her but she only needed is animals love that love you more then what any person could.
facts about Iris Hazel:
- Has natural brown hair and brown eyes
- Her mum and dad died gave her into care because they were to young
-She ended up with three cats, two dogs and one parrot

Name: Ora Blair
Age: 18

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Ora Blair,
the daughter of one of the biggest millionaire and because she normally gets what ever she asks her dad for people think she that full of her self like she eating pearls or something.
Ora never had the best life, even though her dad has always had the money from his work that he started before she has even born, but because the work it means her dads hardly home and so has hardly any time for her and when she was seven, her mum died, so she was left to get look after by her house maid, that worked there since she was born.
Now finally old another to look after herself, she finally get herself a house and get into a business she always want to do,is design and make clothes. Finally having a home and getting her best friend so she not alone still as now she shares her house with her now pet dalmatian, Coco.
Her future:
She does make her own business, she nearly making as much money as her dad was but now she living off herself, she does work as hard as she can but makes shore she has the weekend off and to come back at bed times to finally to say good night to the thing she always wanted, a family.
Facts about Ora Blair:
- She has Natural Blonde hair and Blue eyes
- Her mum and dad called Sky and Archer.
- She does get Married and have big family, of seven sons.

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