Hello everyone!

I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have followed me here on WHI and since I recently hit my first 1000 followers, I decided to write a little introduction of myself.
I don’t usually share much of my personal info online, but I figured that writing a little something about me wouldn’t hurt, after all, that’s the least I can do to connect with you, my dear readers and followers, so you can get a larger picture about who sits behind this account.

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My name is Ana and I'm currently 18 years old. My birthday is on 14th January and I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia – which is a relatively unknown country in Europe. I still live here to this day. Despite the unknowingness and sometimes dumb politics it’s a beautiful country.

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seriously, you should visit Slovenia.

(Note: Slovenia and Slovakia are two different countries that are not even close to eachother, or close to Russia for that matter. Our languages may sound similar but are very different)

My first language is Slovenian, I'm fluent in English and I'm learning German as well.
In September I began my senior year in high school and I plan to study medicine at the university, beginning next school year.
I am trying to be as good a student as I can be, which is also why I have so many school and studying oriented posts and collections here on WHI.

check ‘em out
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I am a cis female, attracted to all genders and allthough I dislike labels I identify as bisexual.

Then, I pretty much have a collection for every interest of mine, so let me introduce it to you a bit:

1) Anime

It may seem childish, but trust me, it gets dark and serious.

I mainly like the sports, fantasy and supernatural genres, but it really depends on the mood.

Here are my collections for my faves

2) Tv-shows & movies

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Obviously, I like to watch live-action series and movies too.

3) Books
I used to be a real bookworm when I was younger but then gave it up a bit, but I think I’m getting more and more back into book world as well.

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I read mostly fantasy but again it depends on the mood.

4) Kpop – to be honest, I’m not the proudest of this one. The industry is straight up awful but some of the messages that the idols try to send through their stages/performances really got to me.

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and the with all the visuals and the dancing, it's just so fascinating
The first and my all-time favourite ones are BTS. I listen to many other artists as well but none got me as much as them. I could go on and on about this topic, so perhaps, I’ll write an article exclusively on kpop.

5) Music in general

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I like alternative, pop-punk-rock ("emo") and indie music. My favourite bands would be Nothing But Thieves, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Neighbourhood, The 1975 and many, many more.

6) Sports - especially swimming.

I used to swim competitively but now only practice it recreationally because I couldn’t just quit alltogether as I love it too much.
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I also run when I have the time and exercising is one of my rare healthy coping strategies and I enjoy it a lot.

7) Makeup

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I like to play around with makeup too and always enjoy making my face up when I go out.
I must admit, I am a bit of a makeup addict

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know about the things that interest you! Do we have something in common? Do you have any recommendations for me? Just slide into my DMs.

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Thank you for reading and thank you again for 1k followers!
Until next time!