Hi you. I decide to start writing my feelings to somewhere and this is the place what I ended up. And sorry already about this writing skills because I am studying English and my writing is so bad!! But however! I could tell something about me now?... Okay, I'm fifteen years old girl or actually a woman from Finland. I guess you don't know where it is... But it's okay:) I'm at high school, nothing else about it. I am in love photographing! I have one secret, only my best friend knows about it. And the best thing of it that I'm gonna tell it to u. I have got interested in kpop. I know it's not secret to kpop fans but I'm from different surroundings so can't explain the real reason that well why I haven't tell about it to anyone else than my BFF. But the point was that I am jealous of every kpop band and I just want to update my closet and start dressing up like a Korean girl. Cute and pink too big clothes... And my ALL TIME favorite color is PINK!! So I'm addicted to kpop. I am just so big fan of the bands. And it's kinda awkward but I only watch boyband videos and listen to the music... I first found BTS and then others came by. Stray kids, NCT and Got7. But that was my first awkward post. I'm kinda embarrassed. So that was it ... lolz