Today I woke up with a positive thoughts, and I was feeling better than ever before. But now... Now I'm breaking inside and outside... It's soo hard to breath normally.. But I know why.. I'm the problem.. I make everybody sad, angry and even the thoughts of my friends crying over what I did makes me realize that there's no good in me. I thought that I'm good, that I'm worth something, but no.. I'm not worth anything, especially my friends.. I'm only hurting them.. I am fu**ing with my life and with others.. I hate myself for that I am hurting peoples that I love... I even not worth having a boyfriend, so that's why I push every boy ,that I kinda like and they like me, away from me. Of course I can't trust any boy, I don't know why, it's just every time when a boy tries flirting with me I start panicking and ignore them or something, I think they will hurt me... And I can't date anyone because I'm scared that I will hurt them. Because I am hurting my friends... PLEASE HELP ME... I DON'T WANNA BE ME ANYMORE :(