i think u all know what this article is gonna be about, if not... well, i would like to flashback to all the times i've crushed on someone. and this someone happens to be a girl every time(wow a shocker). love is a strong word, though, as i am a young bean. besides how can i know for sure that love exists? anywho...

I am not gonna direct the letters to their original owners obviously, I'm gonna use fake names. Bc I am not an idiot and have embarrassed myself way too much.

Dear Debby,

I know we haven't seen each other in a while but I'd like to let u know how cool and charismatic of a person u are in my view. Every french class I had spent with you was truly awesome. U were a lazy person and barely did homework but u never even attempted to care about it. I did well in French and I remember you always turning to me. Those moments are never to leave my mind. Especially your exotic beauty, the dirty blonde hair, the slight thick eyebrows, the electric blue eyes and the petite beauty mark.


Dear Katya,

It's been a while and I am sorry for leaving u just like that, without a slight goodbye. The circumstances were just too uncomfortable for me. I'd like to thank you, though, with all my heart for welcoming me so warmly. We weren't aware of one other at first but then I felt the immediate connection we had that pulled us together. I had a feeling about u being russian in the beginning cause of your russian name and the typical russian appearance. U were the only genuine and kindhearted person for me at that time of point so u got me to feel comfortable around u. Which is a rare thing as I barely let people inside my life so quickly. I remember your soft voice just fine and your light green eyes which were always glowing when you would smile and get this curious glint when you would be worried. I miss you and I miss talking to u.

Dear Samantha,

I've noticed now that you are the most ordinary and delicate girl I've ever known. You are the exact definition of goody two shoes. I always had this feeling you wouldn't like me cause I'm such a bad and conflicted person. That was until we started talking and u were even the first one to initiate the conversation. You would have this warm and polite smile that had me mesmerized. Or the tenderness in your movements. Or the way you would glance at me every time when being in front of the class.

smth waaay too personal but yeah...(: I think this is a cool way to pour all the emotions out you've had for all ur crushes and feel the good ole nostalgia ;D