Hello there my little darlings (old and new ones alike!♡), Sofie here!♡
In todays article, I will give you a look at my closet, essentials & more!♡. Not literally, as I can't show you my actual closet, but I can as a matter of fact; give you an idea of it.
Also; I am planning a really interesting article for Saturday the 3rd of November so if any of you, who are reading this article, have a collection (or simply your entire profile) dedicated to style/fashion/outfits OR school/school motivation, send me a message where you; tell me the collections name! That's it. Naturally I will link your collection & your profile, in the article on Saturday, so if you're interested in that, shoot me a message!♡
But without further ado, let's get started;

My closet

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Much like illustrated on the first picture, I have a long piece of wood attached with rope to my ceiling; then my clothing just hangs on their hangers!
The reason behind my hanging ceiling;
  • I'm terrible at folding my clothing & often ends up throwing everything inside.
  • It fits me better; I'm done faster in the morning.
  • I can see all of my options without having to move anything.
  • It looks adorable.
  • I actually have to consider what will look cute together, before I just start pulling random pieces of items out of the depths of my closet.

How I hang my clothing

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It's divided by colours, but without a fancy system.
Besides my hanging closet, I have four closets filled with stuff & sometimes I reoorganise;
  • During the summer I have my hoodies & sweaters in the first closet, but during the winter that space is reserved for croptops.
  • It's good to have shelfs for your workout clothing.
  • Also a closet to fancy dresses & formal wear is a lifesaver.
  • I also have an entire shelf for my ballet-clothing.

The basics

  • A white t-shirt. (or three)
  • High-waisted pants.
  • Belts in all shapes & sizes.
  • Dresses. (of-the-shoulder, white, black, pink, flowers, one colour, flowing skirts, tight dresses.)
  • Skirts. (flowers, plaided, A-lines, circles...)
  • Tights. (just make sure they're opaque.)
  • Turtlenecks. (in different materials; velvet, cotton, acrylic, everything...)
  • Cute blouses.
  • Long-sleeved shirts. (for spring & to wear underneath your sweaters in winter)
  • Sweaters.
  • That one hoodie I bought four years ago.
  • Button ups. (whites, blue with white stripes)
  • Jewelry. (silver rings, golden bracelet, golden & silver necklaces.)
  • Mitch-match socks.
  • High waisted shorts.
  • A pair of glitter socks, gifted to you by a cousin.
  • So many formal dresses. (prom, galla, new-years-eve, christmas, birthdays, christenings, going to a theatre...)
  • A little black dress. (but also a longer one)
  • At least one white dress. (for summer & winter)

The colours

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Reds (maroon, burgundy, bright, etc..), white, black, pink (pastels), beige/tan, light grey, browns & many more ♡

My essentials during


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Long-sleeved shirts, skirts with tights underneath, yellows & primary colours, golden necklaces with silver rings, high waisted pants with belts.


Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 apple, style, and beauty image pink, legs, and skirt image baby blue, blue, and light blue image
Croptops, bralettes, skirts, oversized shirts, ballet flats, hair in a messy bun or high-ponytail, golden jewelry.


autumn, beige, and brown image accessories, beige, and fashion image fashion, coffee, and beige image fashion, style, and necklace image
Sweaters everywhere, changing between pants & skirts, big cardigans, scarves to cuddle with in class, small bags, delicate silver ring.


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So confused, layers upon layers upon layers upon.., scarves everywhere; in your bags, in your hair, around your throat, everywhere in the house, high waisted pants with belts, big fluffy socks & fancy boots, red nose & tissues.

Needs for every season

black, classy, and coat image winter, sweater, and christmas image
A black coat lined with black faux fur // scarves (one in cashmere is amazing, you won't need more than one if you have a scarf made of cashmere)
ankle boots, boots, and suede boots image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
Ankle boots // a tan trench coat
fashion, red, and outfit image aesthetic, clothes, and clothing image
Skirts // & more skirts
fashion, style, and hat image autumn, cardigan, and casual image
Sweaters // cardigans
tattoo, honey, and jeans image body, gold, and jewelry image
White t-shirt // jewelry for days
Temporarily removed fashion, dress, and style image
A pair of reliable heels // dresses
So that was it for today! I hope you enjoyed it & remember to message me!♡
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