hello my lovers! how are you? today I share you my favorite characters of old series.

❧ The Nanny Named Fran

Fran Fine in The Nanny Named Fran, I love her she is so beautiful, funny and omggg her outfits 🤤

the nanny, 90s, and fran image the nanny, fran fine, and 90s image the nanny, 90s, and fran fine image fashion, 90s, and camo image
the second outfit, I melt
❧ F•R•I•E•N•D•S

Rachel Green in F•R•I•E•N•D•S, I don't know why but I like her.

Image removed friends and fashion image friends, rachel green, and Joey image rachel green, Jennifer Aniston, and friends image
❧ The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I love him so much, I don't know how to describe this but voila.

will smith, fresh prince, and funny image 80s and will smith image Image removed bel-air, the best, and will smith image
this guy is a mood
❧ Family Matters

Steve Urkel in Family Matters omg he's so funny, I cry.

90s and family matters image steve urkel image Image removed 90's, steve urkel, and familymatters image
"did I do that?"
❧ My Wife and Kids

Claire Kyle in My Wife and Kids, she is so pretty.

Claire and my wife and kids image eu, my wife and kids, and a patroa e as crianças image Image removed Image removed

I'm sorry this article was very short, I hope you liked it anyway! I would like to do a FAQ so ask me questions so that I can do it.

XoXo, Arìes ♡