At one time I didn't like the autumn - what stupid I was! I'm definitely a human of summer - sun, high temperatures, holiday, suntan - LOVE! But in this year I appreciate the autumn. Why? It's easy - I grew up. I realised that I should't associate the autumn only with depressive mood. I think that a better option to name this period is "time of melancholy".

During this season you can make you life better (I'm not joking). You could make special atmosphere in your flat and around you. What is my recept to make the autumn time better?

Firstly, you should stop associating the autumn with depressive mood. It's your choice, in which way you would spend this period and what influence the autumn would have on you.

Secondly, make better atmosphere around you. A few leaves in your flat could make you see that autumn's colors are really beautiful. But you don't limit yourself - do you like flowers? Go to a florist! It isn't important what flowers you like. You can even buy spring flowers which don't fit to the autumn. The type of flowers isn't important but your well-being is. It's your choice and if you like plants, buy them! Small candles with a lovely smell is also a great idea. In my flat I have lilac smell candles and I don't care that it's a spring scent.

Thirdly, how to warm yourself? Thick socks and tea! I recommend taste of cranberry, cinnamon and raspberries. In addition, you can add carnations or ginger. Trust me, those will make your tea better.

Also, remember that when there is cold and rainy outside, you could still have great fun at home. Books and TV series are good options always. Except that, playing cards or board games also could give fun.

Autumn time could give you a time for reflection. You can refresh your head and focus on yourself, self-development and family relationships. Do you want one more reason why you should like autumn? It's Christmas shortly after the autumn and I think almost everyone likes Christmas.