Hi everyone๐ŸŒ›
Life's not easy. But that's ok. If you are having an extra hard day/ week/ month or even longer, it's ok. I've made a simple little list that maybe can help, or so I hope. Please read till' the end :)

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Play some happy music and dance it out
Or sad music, if you are in the mood to cry
Go on a walk and take a break from your phone
Take a shower, do the full pamper routine and then open a window
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Play an instrument
Listen to christmas music
Paint or draw
Meditate with crystals
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Try to find new good music
Make an uplifting playlist on youtube and watch those
Watch a disney movie or listen to disney music
Clean your space
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Call someone who can comfort you
Bake something
Go to your closet and make the ugliest outfit you can
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Go to a library
Watch High School Musical
Stretch or do some yoga
Talk to your plants
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Make coffee or tea
Buy yourself flowers
Learn something new
Cover your space in candles and fairy lights
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Watch Planet Earth
Read a book
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Thanks for reading! I just want to say that everything will be ok and I'm very proud of you. Like look at you. Damn. Magical. Stunning. Amazing. Living...
That's enough.

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Alex ๐ŸŒŸ