fifteen: the number fifteen means: indipendency, sensitivity, creativity, teaching to others and the power of love.

let's immediately get started, hope this won't be boring, enjoy. ๐Ÿ’•

(01) // what's your eyes color?

eyes, freckles, and women image makeup, eyes, and beauty image

(02) // what's your natural hair color?

hair, hairstyle, and blonde image Image removed
dark blonde.

(03) // do you wear glasses?

Image removed Image removed
i do (sometimes).

(04) // favourite color?

couple, boy, and black image aesthetic, cat, and girl image

(05) // zodiac sign?

rose, art, and scorpio image scorpio, zodiac, and aesthetic image

(06) // siblings?

brother, models, and sister image fotografia, girl, and portrait image
a brother and a sister.

(07) // favourite food?

pizza, food, and cheese image food, pizza, and cheese image

(08) // favourite animal?

Image by Monica Victoria amazing, smile, and animals image

(09) // what langauges can you speak?

Image removed bridge, london, and city image
italian, english. some german and russian.

(10) // where do you want to travel to?

beautiful, blue, and canada image adventure, architecture, and art image
canada and sweden.

(11) // what traits do you look for in a person?

tumblr, boyfriens, and ros4lba image boyfriend, couple, and dreams image
somebody who won't betray me, who has more guts than i have and a caring person, also a bit romantic, but with the guts.

(12) // have you ever been in love?

Image by Reem๐ŸŒป Image by Reem๐ŸŒป
i have.

(13) // are you single or in a relationship?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
single and happy.

(14) // favorite tv show?

shameless, ian gallagher, and lip gallagher image gif and shameless image
shameless us.

(15) // favorite season?

Image by RozanMssarwh autumn, autumnal, and colourful image
fucking fall.


inspired by this girl!
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