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Name: Alyssa Jeon
Nicknames: Aly and Alys
Birthday: March 18th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

It says that pisces are sentimental, but I don't think I'm a sentimental person...
-Alyssa, 5:19 pm 2018
Aly, do you remember that video our teatcher showed us in 9th grade? About water and etc...
Oh nooooo, don't remember me of that! I'm going to cry


Temporarily removed black, brown, and eye image piercing, lips, and hair image girl, korean, and ulzzang image
asian, black hair, big and dark eyes and small lips


aesthetic, alternative, and clothes image Harajuku image fashion, girl, and kfashion image asian, fashion, and korea image Temporarily removed clothes, aesthetic, and pastel image
really colorful, skirts, oversided shirts and sweaters, pastel colors, cute clothes
Oh my gosh, Oliver I want your sweatshirt
-Alyssa, 4:33 pm 2018


Temporarily removed lgbt and lgtb image


light and girl image lgbt, girl, and aesthetic image blue, car, and city image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, dance, and dress image
extroverted, makes friends easily, funny, outgoing, open minded, sentimental and dreamer


Temporarily removed dog, cute, and animal image dog, cute, and animal image dog, cute, and animal image
a shiba inu named Ozzie


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed spongebob, funny, and reaction image pizza, food, and yummy image
dance, eat, listen music and sing
-Alyssa, 8:49 pm 2018


light, fireworks, and sparkle image box, brown, and brownie image rainbow, locker, and gay image animal, animals, and butterfly image beauty, eyes, and fashion image animation, beautiful, and beauty image
fairy tales, magic, lgbt, animals, candy, accessories and disney
I'll just put my Disney songs playlist and be happy
-Alyssa, 2:24 pm 2018

Best Friends

boy, ginger, and redhead image black, city, and clouds image
Oliver Harlow
Temporarily removed Abusive image
Harper Cassidy
accessories, aesthetic, and alternative image soap, hotel, and funny image
Henry Kim
Image removed grunge, tumblr, and friends image Temporarily removed grunge, friends, and night image
Come on! We can't fall apart just because of that little inconvenient!
-Alyssa, 6:11 pm 2018


girl image ulzzang image Temporarily removed nails, rings, and tumblr image
Leah Odalis
We are officially the cutest couple ever!
-Alyssa, 3:49 am 2018


heart, gif, and rainbow image colorful, colors, and fur image aesthetic and fashion image aesthetic and grunge image rainbow, neon, and colors image Temporarily removed
Why boys can't play with dolls mommy?
-Alyssa, 4:09 pm 2018