Hi! It was a pretty long time ago since I posted an article. But now I will write some of the places I really want to travel to and I hope you'll like it. 👍🏼

1. Italy🇮🇹

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I love the language, the old buildings and mostly the FOOD! And also the weather seems nice.

2. USA🇺🇸

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There are so so many places in America I want to travel to like Hawaii, New York, Chicago, LA, Miami and more.

3. Marbella, Spain🇪🇸

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The restaurants, the palm trees and the beaches seems to be very nice.

4. Denmark🇩🇰

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I think Denmark would be a great place to travel to during summer and christmas time.

5. Singapore🇸🇬

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It looks like a fantasy wonderland and it has everything a traveler could ask for.

6. Australia🇳🇿

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Australia looks beautiful and I hope that I can some day move to Australia and go to university there.

Thank you for reading this article! 💙