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I'm so excited about today's article because I got to finally sit down and write this collab article with the lovely Vaso (@Tohsaka_). We decided to talk about time management with her article being all about how to get ready for school in no time, and my article being about little tips to make your after school/university routine more productive! We thought of this collab as giving you time management tips for before and after school or university! So if you want to be killing it all day long, make sure to also check Vaso's article after reading this one!

If you are coming from Vaso's article, hi!

Let's get started!

Plan your time

Take into account at what time you get home and at what time you would like to go to bed to ensure your 7-8 hours of sleep. By doing this, you will get an exact idea of how many hours to work you actually have during the day and how many things you are able to realistically get done during those hours. When you are planning out your time, be sure to take into account all the tasks you have to do, but don't forget to leave some time to relax and unwind, as it is also so important.

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Create a schedule that works for you! Some people prefer taking a little break right after getting home, and others prefer getting straight to work as they are already in the "study mood". It all depends on what's better for you and what you need! Ideally, you would want to plan your after school routine at least the day before, so that once you get home, you already know what you have to do!

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Some people prefer to stay at university or go to a cafe to work. If this is the case for you, planning what you are going to do beforehand will allow you to pack everything you need for that study session and just go to the cafe or wherever you would like straight from school or university! And if this is something you are not doing but you find yourself having a hard time focusing at home, then try it! Change your environment and see if it works for you!

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Don't overload your day

As I just mentioned, the idea when you are planning your after school routine is to keep it realistic. By over-filling your to-do list for the day, you will add more pressure and stress to your life, and that's exactly what we are trying to avoid here! Try to do similar tasks together so that your workflow is smoother but don't try to do too many things in a short period of time because it will just tire you out, making you actually work slower!

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At the same time, focus on one task at a time, and forget about your long to-do list to avoid overwhelming yourself before even getting started. One step at a time!

Avoid distractions

Of course you are allowed to have breaks (and you should have them), but when you are working on something, you should be giving it your 100%.

Your phone

If you can I would suggest you don't keep your phone near you while working but if for some reason you need it with you, turn off social media notifications. If you can't help but check your phone, there are apps that let you block other apps for a period of time (same for computers!). I personally don't have many apps at all on my phone so that I don't even feel the need to check my phone!

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Your environment

It is a great idea to have one specific place in your house where you do your work so that your brain associates that place with being focused and productive. If that place is your room, don't use your bed as your workplace! Have a desk and only keep on it what you actually need.

If you need your work environment to be quiet, maybe invest in some noise canceling headphones. If you need some sort of sound, maybe try listening to white noise! There's this website that I actually love called Noisili, full of different sounds that you can combine to create your perfect environment! You could also listen to music with no lyrics, or music in another language, that way you can't understand what they are singing and you focus on what you are writing or reading!

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Complete most important tasks first

If you could only complete one thing during the day and feel happy and productive by the time you go to sleep, which task from your to-do list would be? It could be one or two, but identifying them is the most important thing!

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Prepare for your next day the night before

Starting the day as well as you finish it sounds ideal, right? Make your mornings more relaxing by just taking a few minutes before going to bed to pack your bag, fill your water bottle, choose your outfit, etc. I also like to tidy up my room quickly every night so that the first thing I see when I wake up is a clean and organized environment!

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That's it for this part of the collab! Remember to check Vaso's article if you want to know how to save time in the mornings while getting ready!

I hope you enjoyed this collab as much as we did and I also hope that you found our articles helpful and fun to read!

As always, feel free to message me if you want to leave a suggestion for my future articles or simply if you just wanna talk to someone ♡

Thank you for taking your time to read this, love you
-Bel and Vaso

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