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And we were dust, we glittered and perished

Burned out with passion and froze entire continents with our cold

We yelled and screamed and were silent like the night

We blazed like lightnings, rose hurricanes and sat still and quiet like the peaceful sea

Mighty as thunder, gentle like roses

If you ever wondered what are we, what, oh, what are we?!

If you ever lost sleep and your calm with these questions nagging at you, what are we doing here and who are we? Who are we?

Know that it's so simple and evident that it'll make your jaw drop realizing you've known it all along.

In the end, we were everything.

Every little and every big thing.

Every fragile drop, every raging ocean.

We are the infinite skies and little sparrows that freely soar them

We were everything we wanted to be.

We were so many things because being just one would make us truly dread.

We were hungry to be more and so, we were.

If it ever bothered you, how could you be so many things and nothing at once, how could you not know what were you in the end

Tell me would you know how to put an entire world in a single sentence?

Have you ever met a man who said 'yes, I've seen it all, I've been everywhere and i finally know it all' ?

No, you haven't.

And you won't.

Because then, it wouldn't be a man.

It would be a being with nothing left to hope for.

It would be tragically dull if we could know everything

Tragically inhuman to reach all the places, open all the locked boxes there are

How awful would it be to be a human who has nothing left to wonder about?

It would be sad to call yourself a human and not be flawed,
sad not to spark up one last time, knowing there's more,
there's something left to find out after all
Right before you shut your eyes

For one last time.

Image by María De Mayo Silveira black and white, body, and neck image