*The Art of Confidence 101 and how to be Confident*

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~ Being a Confident person isn't easy,although it seems that so many celebrities and young models seem to pull it off these days remember-they have had plenty of practise! The purpose of this article is to hopefully help anyone that wishes to become a more confident person in life and overall not care about being judged by others.

Step 1 : Not Caring what others think about you

~ This in my opinion is the most hard yet important step in becoming a confident person. When people around you criticize or are negative about the way you look ect... , it can be very hard to ignore and can overall effect your mental health in a negative way. The best solution to not caring what others think is firstly surrounding yourself with positive people who are your friends/ even family members and will allow for you to feel much stronger as a person and put any negative comments aside that might have been said to you. You must also of course know that people judge and are mean out of their own insecurities and therefore have probably had experiences like this themselves , so ignore this and walk with your head high and be YOU!

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Step 2 : Don't be afraid to try new things...

~ It can be hard sometimes seeing people of the media/celebrities slay and look good and confident in their outfits which however unusual , people will automatically state a trend. In reality in the regular world particularly when you are at school it is quite daunting to suddenly wear something that is out of your comfort zone . However trying new things is all about experimenting , not just with fashion but also with activities, friend groups and even studying , therefore the best thing you can do on your journey to become confident is start small and gradually do or wear things that you might normally not! Tons of famous " Confident" celebrities such as Rihanna, Gigi Hadid ect.. all have their insecurities and have expressed being shy/unconfident throughout their lives so , remember start small and eventually when feel ready try more things that are out of your comfort zone!

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Step 3: Be yourself and in doing so you will attract others*

~ Staying true to yourself and not always following the crowd is one of the vital steps in being a confident and liked person . This does by NO means say that you must become an attention seeker ( as that is the wrong type of attention) , nor does it mean that you cant follow/do things that people you admire do however being you is what will attract others. The reason the term attract is used is because by being funny, goofy and constantly self-confident , more and more people will want to be friends with you and will admire your qualities.As the famous poet Oscar Wilde once said , "Be yourself , Everyone else is taken"

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Step 4 : Give yourself credit and be positive about your insecurities

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~ Everyone has stuff that they either like or dislike about themselves however staying true to who you are and complimenting your flaws is one of the best ways you can evolve to becoming a confident person. One of the best ways of learning to love yourselves is through watching/reading about positive role models e.g : Ashley Graham, Summer Mckeen ect... Also it is scientifically proven that people who constantly name and call out their "negative" flaws just encourage them to grow so beware! context_page=2&context_query=summer+mckeen&context_type=search

Step 5: And finally... Practise your model walk + try and perfect your posture!

~This of course is optional and more on the funny side but posture is key! If you slouch or walk with your head looking at the ground, constantly you will come off as a much less confident and shy person which is why looking at videos of models on the runway or even women that are generally confident helps tremendously!

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Hope you all enjoyed this article and that it helps some of you with being confident! Please feel free to follow/and/ or message me anytime and if you like this sort of thing please let me know by hearting or reacting to this article!

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Until next time...