i remember the first time you talked to her.
you told her you were bored
that you needed someone
so she let you in
she was there when you were down
she waited for you

but you're just someone
who likes attention
you made her insecure of herself
you made her think that she wasn't good enough

when she gets upset,
you made it seem as if it was her fault
you twist her words
you made her cry

she was a hopeless romantic
but you changed that

and because of you,
she finds it hard to love
she doesn't trust so easily

you broke her heart
and you can't even look at her
when she left you
when she cut things off
you got embarrassed

you tried to fix things
you wanted her to fix things
too bad it didn't happen

she told me falling for you was a mistake
and i agreed
you were a mistake.