Hello, you lovely people!

Today I decided to share ten of my favourite youtubers with you. I really hope you enjoy, and maybe you'll discover a few new ones to watch in this list.
And now, without any further ado, let's get to it. Enjoy!

1 | Hailey Reese

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She makes really creepy paranormal investigation and storytime videos; she's also a singer.

2 | LoeyLane

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One of Hailey Resse's best friends; makes around the same content as her, just switch the music part with fashion hauls.

3 | Shane Dawson

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He's just a king. He's so funny but caring and also deep-thinking human being, I am really glad I get to be alive to the same time as him. Oh, and him and Ryland are so cute.

4 | LaurenZSide

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She's the self-confident, antisocial and sarcastic Sims 4 gamer the world needs.

5 | Tea Spill

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If you love drama channels but don't like people telling you the story, just read it. TeaSpill is ready and perfect for you.

6 | Here For The Tea

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Drama channel with voiceover. I just love her sarcastic sayings and being,

7 | Simply Nailogical

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I really like her. She started out as a nail channel, but has become a kind of comedic sort of? And also, she's a HOLOsexual. She even has merch with this quote on it.

8 | Safiya Nygaard

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She's the dark but loving queen of Youtube. I really like her various series that are being published on her channel.

9 | Mikaela Long

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The Vine queen who converted to Youtube. She's everything girly and Kylie Lipkits.

10 | ASMRMagic

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Such a soothing thing ASMR is, it is great to be able to sleep. It just makes me so tired and relaxed, I don't even know how I survived without those kind of videos.

So, that's ten of my favourite youtubers and I really hope you enjoyed this article, even tho it's not one of the most thoughtful and creative ones.

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I really hope you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you and I'll write to you all tomorrow.
- Rana