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Megami - Means goddess in Japanese


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Air Nation - Eastern Air Temple located in a mountain range in the southeastern Earth Kingdom.

Bending Element

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Golden Blonde hair with turquoise colored eyes.


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I grew up in the earth kingdom. Now i know what your thinking, how on earth can an air bender live there and not be discovered. I was an orphan founded by the earth queens guards on a cabbage truck that came from the East. No one knows what happened to me and i was placed in the local orphanage at the age of 3.
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As i reached the age of 16, we orphan girls had to go and work as the princesses assistants in the palace. Her name was Nintai. We soon became very good friends and she invited me alot to the palace.
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I have blended in to the earth kingdom very well and if asked to earthbend i would bend sand with the help of wind and lift rocks/earth up with air. No one knew my secret except for the princess, my loyal friend.
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We all lived in the time when the air benders were wiped out by the fire nation to stop the Avatar from reincarnating. Avatar Aang emerged from the ice berg and was known as the last airbender, but as was i.
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Every evening i go out in the desert to practice my air bending in secret with sand. Our housemother was very kind to me and she always approved. But when i got back i discovered that our village was being attacked by the palace guards. They were searching for the queens crown that was stolen.
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They accused me because of my ties with the princess and took me to the palace. I was sentenced to death, for it was a sinful crime. My housemother came storming into the palace to plead for my life but she was strucked away and killed by a guard.
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She was holding the crown which one of the other orphan girls had stolen. But by then it was to late, I had exploded with anger and sadness and used my air bending. My secret was out and i was in trouble... Princess Nintai told me to run as she held the guards back.
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I had to find Aang and tell him that i was also an airbender. I had found him a few days later and since then i have been traveling with him, Katara and Sokka. I had also discovered who my real family was and how they died.
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I was the next in line for the throne, in a hidden Western Air Temple city (wich was found and destroyed by the fire nation) where my parents were the queen and king. My parents put me on a cabbage truck headed to the earth kingdom to protect me. I now know who i am and where i belong.

Love Interest

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Prince Zuko

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