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I have curly hair and I didn't like my hair until like 2 weeks ago or so and I used to straighten it 2x a week. But I changed my mindset about my hair and I want to take good care of my hair and make it the healthiest it can possibly be.
So in this article I'll tell you how I take care of my hair and I can tell you you see the difference in 1 week (at least I saw the difference in one week)


  • curly hair is dryer than any other type of hair
  • don't overwash your hair (this is not only for curly hair tho)
  • use a shampoo + conditioner + mask/deepconditioner
  • use sulfate-, paraben, silicone free products in your hair (this has played a huge role in my hair journey already)
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  • don't wash with hot water
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • comb your hair while under the shower with the conditioner still in your hair
  • after you washed out the conditioner, use a mask/deepconditioner
  • when you're out of the shower: don't put on a towel (like in the pictures), use a coton tshirt instead
  • flip over your hair and scrunch it
  • don't put in a bun/ponytail or anything else while your hair is still wet
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  • don't brush your hair
  • don't comb your hair when it's dry
  • don't go to bed with your hair loose or on a tight bun
  • don't use heat on your hair
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♡ > written by Rose (@rosesgardenx)

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