Name B e c c a

Features Becca has hair as red and fierce as fire, she has ocean blue eyes to calm down the fire that she has on her head.She has a pale complexion and to top it all off, she has some freckles on her nose and under her eyes.

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Style Becca has a lavishing sense of fashion. She generally goes with elegant yet princessy dresses but do not be fooled for under this fragile and princessy disguise she hides the strongest young lady you could possibly ever imagine.

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love life Atticus is Becca’s boyfriend. Atticus and Becca had been best friends for 8 years until Atticus asked her out. Since then,Becca has been the happiest,so has Atticus. Both of them make each other happy and they’d rather spend the whole day with each other alone, than getting into any other plans that life can offer. They can’t possibly live without each other. Soulmates? I think they are.

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Quotes that she lives by

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