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I see Ariel, as a health and sport leader Girl.
Showing what she can do as her leading sport, swimming.
But also doing the little things like going to help to go to old peoples homes to help out an learn about the story of the people.
Helping her out is bringing her pet dog, her old English sheep dog, also to the Old people home.

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From being the daughter of a under water god and being born a mermaid and shows she can do anything when she puts her mind to it even if that being turned from Mermaid to human for the man she loves and she still can go back to the sea.

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I see Mulan as a solider in training and in her own time a Feminism.
Trying to get her view out there on her view of being equal, shown as her example as women can do what men can do, shown because she doing the same things men are doing (Going in War)

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From not being a daughter from a king or prince but a normal man, but a man who willing to maybe give his life to save is family from the war that going to happen but from that it looks that some of that love has rubbed off on Mulan as she acts like a guy to save her ill dad from going because they say only men can go to war.
she showing by breaking the rules, a adding to feminism by shown what females can do.

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I see Jasmine as people and animal helper.
Trying to get her point of view out there of her view on the need for help of the poor and home-less people ,by giving money, as her husband, Aladdin, was once homeless and had to steal to live.
Trying to get her point of view out on her view of animals as all animals can be nice even though they may have a bad reputation, that why she has a pet tiger because she teach it the right way and shown its good side.

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From being the daughter of a king, but is not spoilt as she does not fall in love for a man who has everything but a man who only has love to give her.
The only thing she wants is to finally be let go, to ok to go away from her father to live her own life.

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