• Red
red, coca cola, and drink image carrusel, red, and rojo image
feisty, leather mini skirts, a sense of danger, fire, piercings, late night car rides, loud and reckless, promises, covertibles, so pretty, black angel wings, dirty sense of humour, blackout nights, wild hair, red lipstick stains, rose thorns.
  • Orange
Temporarily removed orange, aesthetic, and lego image
acoustic guitar, sun through the cracks in windows, dancing around the house, oversized t-shirt, hot herbal teas, handpicked flowers, monarch butterflies, road trips, overalls, the feeling of warmth, stained glass windows, big smiles.
  • Yellow
Temporarily removed eyeshadow, makeup, and sparkle image
always smiling, anklets, beach bum, tanned skin, frangipanis, white sheets, swimming pools, owns about a thousand pairs of bikinis, wavy hair, sunshine, good vibes, sleep ins, wild adventures, always kind, candid photos.
  • Green
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
nature walks, organic tea, long wavy hair, vegan, herbal teas, waking up early to do yoga, loves animal more than people, always wearing activewear, smoothie bowls, palm trees, in love with sunshines, trusts in the universe, healing stones, peace.
  • Blue
wallpaper, blue, and girly image city, night, and blue image
cool water, glassy eyes, subtle sadness, doesn’t say much, overbearing emotions, lyrical dance, crystal wind chimes, is beautiful in her own unique way, intelligent, tall, has the most beautiful voice, calm and quiet, trusts in God.
  • Purple
purple, exit, and aesthetic image purple, light, and tumblr image
roller-skates, crop tops, milkshakes by the beach, very cute, knee high socks, big hair, lots of friends, high energy, outdoor cinemas, social butterfly, arts and crafts, pinkie promises, loves family more than anything, dream catcher.
  • Pink
Image by Elizabet_Justin Temporarily removed
lip gloss, high ponytail, gives amazing advice, kind of sassy, social media famous, aspiring mua, scented candles, probably rich, would prefer texting over calling, short shorts, listen to pop and rap, pretty af.
  • Tan
aesthetic, gold, and silk image beige, aesthetic, and brown image
night carnivals,foundation stains,always in a hurry,blow waves,kee-high boots, hipster cafes, iced coffees, parked car conversations, elevator music, classy and sassy, kept promises, sharp cheek bones, glossier makeup, ballet flats.
  • Black
gold, heart, and black image black, car, and cars image
heavy metal music, black eyeliner, loud laugh, black converse high tops, very funny, sort a sarcastic, tangled headphones, dirty sense of humour, obsessed with memes, knows how to have fun, empty soda cans, train platforms at night, wears only black.
  • White
white and aesthetic image dior, fashion, and bag image
flowy dresses, pale skin, doves, angelic complexion, grand piano, soft smiles, long limbs, dewy skin, in love with the ocean, floats instead of walks, is calm and graceful, beautifully unique, passionate and ambitious, lovely to talk to.
  • Grey
unsaid, white, and grunge image grey, art, and paint image
earbuds in, dissapearing randomly, always busy, tired face, hard outside soft inside, deep eyes, full of stories, old soul, sipping tea, soft skin, vintage, clothes, thrift shops, flannel shirts.