Just like everyone in this world, me too have my own goals and dreams to achieve. But, I don't know about you guys, I am seriously an easily demotivated kind of person. Not because of I am lack of motivation or support systems, but it's because I really don't know how to keep the motivations I have today, constantly motivate me for the next 2 weeks. It's just like temporarily happen and I really don't know how. So, I think maybe by posting all the goals and dreams that I have here, maybe I'll be a little bit more motivated day by day since I seriously want to achieve my goals, to be an independent woman for the upcoming 5 years, and do things that I want on my own. So, here's a list of my goals to achieve :-

1. Losing weight
This is my number one goals, at the moment. It's not because I want to be pretty, or maybe I want to attract many eyes and so on but I want to lose some weight for myself. I want to feel good of myself. Honestly, I feel like I am torturing my own body. The soul inside my body isn't suitable enough for my size. I have my own priorities and I know what I want. I know, it's the time for me to change. To quit all the bad habits that I can say I almost take that as my routine (lol) And I really need to change it. The weight goals that I aspire to have is basically around 50-ish kgs.

2. Saving money!
Okay, to be honest, saving money is really hard for me. I am realllllllllllllyyy sucks in saving money because I spent money just as how much I want to. And I usually spent them on food, trust me. It sucks though to know that your current allowance is basically poorer than you know. It really sucks. So, I just made a jar with a label on it that stated "For the future use". I will try to save all the balance that I made for a day in that jar for the first month, and I will start to divide it according to the prioritize ones in different jars so that I can start saving up money according to the divisions, and hopefully I can have a concert jar so that I can use up the money inside the jar for the upcoming joji's performance hihu bye xx

So basically anc is an award for students that managed to score 3.50 and above for CGPA. I really want to do well in my studies because I think, academic improvement is the main improvement I want to make. I have so many hearts to make proud of. I want to make my parents proud of me. I want them to cry because of how proud they are of me, I want to wear the graduation robe with the title of ANC'S AWARD and I seriously want to perform in my studies because it's nothing better to be compared to intelligence.