I want to jump on the bandwagon

1. Who do you love more, your mom or your dad?

I love them both, they both have qualities I love and qualities I hate.

2. If you could kill someone without getting caught, would you?

No. The guilty would eat me alive. What gives me the right to end someone's life?

3. Are you a bad person?

It depends. Everyone has good and bad qualities. Though, I try not to be.

4. Are you entitled?

To what?

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to be more motivated and motivational to others and myself.

6. Would you get married to someone of the same gender as you?

If we loved each other.

7. Would you die for someone you love?

It depends who it is, and what the situation is.

8. Would you have sex with someone of the same gender as you?

If we love each other / don't have bad intentions and it's consensual.

9. What do you identify as?

A beautiful rainbow

10. White or black?


White, because it is pure and resembles new hope and a fresh start.
Black, as it is bold and clear. It highlights everything else, and is confident and sharp.

11. Death by water or fire?

Water. I would have more time to think over my life and be grateful for all the amazing chances I got. I feel if I died by fire I would be panicking too much.

12. What do you think of yourself?

... I think I'm a beautiful rainbow who shines after the dark stormy clouds leave.

13. Have you ever been addicted to something?


14. Have you ever gotten drunk?


15. Have you ever done drugs?

Unless you count medicine

16. Drug of choice?

I don't know any, so probably ibuprofen.

17. Have you ever dealt with an eating disorder?

A while ago.

18. Is it easier to forgive or forget?

Forgive. Once you forgive, you won't feel sad or angry if you remember it again. Once you forgive, you can forget.

19. Have you ever stolen a street sign?

No, but one of my friends did. They kept it in their garage, because it had the same name as one of their family memeber's.

20. Would you ever strip or pose in a nude magazine?


21. Are you sarcastic?

Yes, but not all the time. Sometimes my friends find it hard to tell when I'm being sarcastic because I usually have a neutral face, so I try not to say anything that could sound mean in case they don't realize it's sarcastic.

22. Have you ever been in love?

rainbow giggling intensifies

23. Do you regret it?

My motto in life is there is no point in regretting the past. So, even if I had answered the above question the answer would still be the same...

24. Have you ever had plastic surgery?


25. Do you want plastic surgery?

Babe I'm a beautiful rainbow. I'm not about to change anything.

26. Do you want kids?

Maybe... my opinion on them changes, like, every day.

27. What religion would you raise your children to practice?

I'm Christian so...

28. Have you ever eaten a piece (even just a small bit) of paper?

Yeah. I used to be convinced my parents were starving me when I was 8 (it was in the middle of the night and they said it was bad for my teeth) so I would cry in my room, eat paper and shout at them, "Look how horrible you are! I have to eat paper!"

I don't know why I remember that.

Sometimes a piece of paper gets stuck in my food too and I'm too lazy to take it out lol

29. Do you miss anyone right now?

I don't think so

30. Introvert or extrovert?


31. What do you do when you like someone?

I don't know... I'll think of something later heh

32. Money or fame?


33. Asking questions or answering questions?

Answering questions. I find it hard to think of what questions to answer because I worry that I'm making someone uncomfortable or overstepping my boundaries.

34. Would you rather, be married to someone who you don't love - but they love you or, be married to someone who you love - but doesn't love you back?

Someone who I love but doesn't love me back. I would rather myself be in pain, than know I'm causing someone else to be in pain.

35. Are you the puppet or the puppet master?

Puppet master

36. Is cheating bad?

In a relationship and test, yes, but that doesn't stop people from doing it.

37. Are you in a relationship?

clouds are now screeching too

38. If you could cheat without getting caught would you?

No to both the test and relationship.

39. Trump or Hillary?

Honestly who even- I don't know? I don't even really know who they are lmao

40. Life or death?

Life, because I was granted with it and I want to use it to my best abilities. There are people out there with cancer and illnesses, hoping to get better even when they can't, and I think it would be unfair for me to waste it.